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Topaz Counter-Motion Wind Spinner

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Item Description
Our Topaz Counter-Motion Wind Spinner is exactly what you need to add a punch of style to your pond, garden or other outdoor space.

Featuring a stunning topaz color, each layer of wind-capturing petals spins on its own axis, creating a spectacular whirling display that will captivate your imagination and remind you of mischievous sea sprites at play.

This beautiful Illuminarie Topaz Counter-Motion Wind Spinner features a blue and green globe at its center, which is designed to snatch the sun's rays and send them skittering in multiple directions.

The widest portion of this beautiful wind spinner measures 17.75 inches, and its uppermost section spans 15 inches; it's mounted on a 52-inch stake that you can drive into the earth to create your own backyard paradise.

Size: 17.75" x 15" x 52"H

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