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GnomeDonald: Commander in Chief

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Item Description
Get ready to Make Gnomerica Great Again with our newest long awaited Gnome in Chief, the Commander: GnomeDonald!

Gnomebama is on his way out, and yes you knew this was coming... A HUUUGE addition to your Collection, this Bigly fantastic gnome will Trump anything in your entire garden!

He's a winner, and he's very very good, ready to do a lot of great things. At the least, are you ready to make your Garden Great Again?

This is the perfect gift for your politically-minded friends and family members, and is sure to delight or disgust the neighbors, depending upon which side of the fence they're on.

Pre-Order one or more today before they are all gone.
Limited Production, shipping Valentine's Day!

Weather-Resistant Cast Stone Resin: 15"H

Additional Info:

Delivering a speech and smartly dressed in his tailored suite with red stripped tie and presidential pin. His black dress shoes are naturally curved at the toe as he is a gnome, don't ya' know, and a Nowaday Gnome to-boot!

Legend has it; Nowaday Gnomes occupy a parallel universe to our own, living quietly among us. They have mimicked us throughout time, from scavenging for food with rocks and clubs in the ice-age to shopping and sharing emoji's on smartphones today.

They have evolved as we have evolved, done everything we have done, coveted everything we have coveted, and currently enjoy everything we enjoy, including politics!

That's right, Nowaday Gnomes love the "political circus" which begs the question; who is mimicking whom?

GnomeDonald | Trump Gnome | Donald J. Gnome | Gnome Donald | Drumpf

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