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Steel Wind Vanes

Our Steel Wind Vanes are incredibly popular for both the enormous selection of unique designs we carry and the super competitive price point compared to our more expensive pure copper weathervanes. Each of the EZ Wind Vanes are made of strong 14 Gauge Steel that has been laser cut in one piece using a computer assisted design program. This specialty cut allows the weathervanes to take shape with minimal welding leaving intricate detail with a clean look. Sealed ball bearing help these wind vanes spin freely with the breeze, and five different mounting accessory choices allow you to place this weather vane anywhere you want it from the rooftop of a home, barn, or shed, to a deck, post, or fence. We also sell a versatile garden stake pole that can be used anywhere in the yard and can be easily placed exactly where you desire to showcase your new weathervane!
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Retail Price: $19.95
Our Price: $17.95
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Leaping Deer Weathervane - Copper Patina
Retail Price: $419.99
Our Price: $379.99
Bull Weathervane - Copper Patina
Retail Price: $359.99
Our Price: $324.95
Flyng Duck Weathervane - Copper Patina
Retail Price: $469.99
Our Price: $419.99
Whale Weathervane - Copper Patina
Retail Price: $419.99
Our Price: $369.99
How do we get these Steel Weather Vanes looking so good?! The answer has to do with the cutting process and the multi-step finishing process. As you can tell, we have hundreds of designs available to choose from. The way we are able to offer so many styles is that each of these wind vanes is exactly identical, except for the unique topper piece. The poles and mounting options are all the same make and size, the N-E-W-S directional are all the same, and the wind cups are the same as well. So, that makes production pretty streamlined. The only thing we need to take care of is the unique topper piece!

The unique designs are initial hand sketched and conceptualized, and eventually transferred and designed into a special computer assisted design (CAD) program that helps create the final design with all the intricate shapes and cuts. This process results in a single unit design that results in the ultimate topper with intricate detail, and it all comes out complete and finished with no actual welding that needs to be done within the design itself.

The design is usually the first thing that gets noticed, and usually the main attraction and specific that is reviewed when selecting one of these weathervanes, but it is actually the finishing process that makes this product so durable and incredibly impressive when you receive it. After the toppers are cut, the pieces get cleaned up and polished and prepped for a special 3 steps process have had been perfected over time to give these Steel Weathervanes the wonderful high-end looking, extremely durable, ultra-protective finish that make them scratch and fade resistant.

The first step of the process is a Zinc plating that is applied on the base metal for better adhesion, durability, and rust prevention. Many weathervanes on the market, and actually many metal works pieces skip this step and apply a beautiful finish that doesn’t stick long-term to the metal! The next step of the process is a Copper Vein powder coat that is baked on a beautiful hammered copper look. If you see any of the close up shots, you will noticed this gorgeous finish. Lastly, in the final step, another powder coat of Clear Polyester is baked on to protect against UV Rays and provide a durable, scratch resistant finish that will also prevent fading.

Get ready to express your passions, hobbies and interests while connecting the winds of Mother Nature with high-quality design. Hundreds of designs to choose from including dozens of officially licensed Collegiate designs. Attach one of our wind vanes to your home and garden and enjoy for years to come.

All our steel EZ Vane Weathervanes are proudly Made in the USA and come with a one year warranty on the finish and a lifetime warranty on all workmanship.
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