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Zombie Gnomettes: Gutsy Collection (Set of 3)

Zombie Gnomettes: Gutsy Collection  (Set of 3) - Click to enlarge
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Item Description
Ladies, where you at? Did you really think there were no female zombie gnomes? If you thought the guys were wicked, meet the Zombie Gnomettes!

We call this this the Gutsy Collection for good reason. First you have Pinwheel Penny, a female zombie gnome that has been stabbed cleanly through her guts. You can place a garden stake inside, but she comes with a spinning pinwheel which is really fun!

Then you have Zombie Gertrude feasting on remaining guts of some poor gnome that didn't stand a chance, and she's ripping into him like she hasn't eaten in 120 years. Hangry much?

Lastly, you have Mama, one of the few remaining undead female gnomes, with sawed off shotgun in hand for protection, and with her baby in tow! Protecting herself and her kid in this kind of environment - now that is gutsy!

Note: These fun zombie gnomes are hand-made in the USA, (Crestline, CA) by a wonderful couple using a special formula Clay and slip casting molds, hand-painted and fired in a kiln. They are unique and spectacular!

Additional Info:

  • Size: Mama 3" x 5.75"H, Penny 4" x 6"L, Gertrude 4" x 4"
  • Unique ceramic zombie gnome statue
  • Great for Halloween & horror enthusiasts
  • Makes a perfect humorous gag gift
  • Hand-made, and hand-painted
  • Sealed and durable for long time enjoyment!
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