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18" Green GeekyBeek

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Item Description
Back by popular demand, the Original GeekyBeek Birds that started it all are back on the scene with an Upgraded Design! We've include new feet and more detailed bodies but retained the original personalities that made GeekyBeeks a smash hit!

Without a doubt, if we had to choose a single product line to represent whimsical garden decor on our site, the choice would be very simple. The GeekyBeek birds by Exhart overflow with bursting personality and tremendous fun unlike anything else! Each hysterical GeekyBeek bird brings tons of color and movement into any garden or home setting. The wings flap in the wind and the springy necks giggle and dance as well.

Each funny Geeky Beek face from the Tim Twinkler Collection has been sculpted with artistic flair to bring colorful smiles and delightful laughter. You'll love all the fine details in these GeekyBeek garden bird statues including their hand-sculpted cast resin faces, springed wings, uniquely shaped bodies, and cute webbed feet!

This improved GeekyBeek garden bird ornament no longer requires the optional base to stand on flat surfaces! The new webbed-foot design allows these birds to stand alone without any needed help. A special extra metal rimmed balance rod gives them extra sturdy balance, and in addition, each bird comes with two 5" metal rods that can be inserted underneath the feet, and then staked directly into the ground for extra garden stability!

If you're looking to add color and loving humor to your home and garden, you can't go wrong with any one of our Geekybeek birds. They make incredible garden gifts too. Display them as a garden statuary accent or as an indoor piece of art. Every time you see this bird, you'll be forced to smile - you'll have no other choice! It is truly a unique piece of whimsical garden art that can cross over to be used anywhere, not just as a garden accessory.

Each metal bird also comes with it's own little "To:/From:" gift tag with a little room for a short written note so you can personalize them for your friends.

Talk about a great conversation piece! Caution: these birds are extremely addicting, and the laughter they provide can become seriously contagious. Collect all 6 colors! If you need more Geeky beaks in your yard, make sure to also check out the rest of the wacky Metal Bird family.

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Additional Info:

  • The 18" Original GeekyBeeks
  • Cast-resin head, body & feet. Metal wings, springs & legs.
  • Patented "springed" wings move in the wind for added dimension and motion.
  • Optional pair of 5 inch detachable metal rods can be used to stake feet into ground.
  • Bursting with fun personality, hand-painted with UV paint in meticulous detail.
  • A special lacquer coating protects colors and glossy shine keeping Super Geeky!
  • Comes with a hang tag for a personalized gift.
  • GeekyBeeks continue to be our most popular signature item!

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