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28" Large Geeky Giggler Gnome

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If you've seen one cement gnome, or one that looks like a snow white dwarf you've pretty much seen them all. This made our search quite difficult looking for a unique garden gnome that we could add to our site. GardenFun is all about animated color and fun, and we are excited to present our 28" Large Geeky Giggler Gnome!

Why should your garden visitors get to do all the giggling? This large male gnome is ready to join in on all the whimsical fun! All it takes is a single little tickle and you'll have this silly garden gnome in hysterics!

This Geeky Giggler has been skillfully balanced on a wide mounted spring that will have him bouncing around with joy from just a slight touch! Watch his body and arms giggle with laughter and delight! The head, face, body and feet have all been hand-sculpted and hand painted with creative color and detail. Large metal spring arms and neck add extra motion and dimension.

Enormous fun for entrance greetings, backyards, small gardens, around pools, font lawns and as indoor statuary.

Geeky Gigglers are unique garden statues that will keep your guests and neighbors amused every time they see them. If you are looking for a unique piece of whimsical garden decor that stands out, searching for an unforgettable garden gift, or just need a huge reason to smile, you'll get a big kick out our Large Geeky Giggler Gnome garden statue.

Also comes with a cute garden gift hang tag that reads, "To Gnome me, is to love me!" (There's also a bit of room for a small personalized note.)

Additional Info:

  • 28" Large Geeky Giggler Gnome
  • Cast-Resin head, hands, body & feet, metal spinged legs, arms and neck.
  • Enormous fun for entrance greetings, backyards, gardens, font lawns and indoors.
  • Brightly hand-painted with UV treated paint and a lacquer coated.
  • Springed arms and head provide additional motions and dimension.
  • Comes with a hanging gift tag to personalize.
  • Durable and light weight - approx 10 lbs!
  • Fantastic Garden Gift!
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