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Solar Tiki Torch Light

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Item Description
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If you're trying to stay Green, you will absolutely love our new Solar Tiki Torch Light!

Outdoor Tiki torches are tons of fun for the garden, but we've always been a bit hesitant to carry them because of fire safety and oil refueling hassles. Here comes an awesome Solar Torch to solve those problems!

No electricity or power cords needed. No burning lamp oil to refuel and pollute the air. No need to worry about the kids or pets getting hurt, or the thing getting knocked over by accident and burning down the yard. No candles to replace or clean. No fumes or soot. And yes, this version is actually windproof, and weather resistant!

Get ready to add a tropical feel to your garden with our lovely Amber colored LED, Solar Powered Tiki Torch. This safe alternative to candles and oil uses a "safe for the environment" solar panel system that recharges TWO rechargeable batteries during the day with the sun, and then with the help of a built in photo cell sensor, turns the flickering LED light on automatically at dusk!

Place these beautiful Solar Tiki torches along your walkways, fences or walls at a comfortable 39 inches tall, or use the included 2 foot wooden extensions to hoist them to stand 59 inches tall. Of course, dealing with wood, if you have a saw, you can cut them to the perfect height for your tropical garden.

This solar powered, battery operated, electric Tiki Torch is a safe alternative to real burning candles or oils, and it sure looks great, just like a real torch! Note: Each torch needs to be placed in a sunlit area to receive the sun's rays for 4 to 5 hours per day.

Additional Info:

  • Solar Tiki Torch Light.
  • Amber color flickering LED light.
  • Adjustable height from 39" to 59" tall.
  • Great for lighting your garden or walkway, adds a fun tropical touch to any outdoor setting!
  • Includes an auto-sensor that activates the LED light automatically at dusk.
  • Includes two (easily accessible) rechargeable batteries inside the integrated solar panel.
  • Just like a real torch without the headaches!
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