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Ladder Jack Climbing Gnome

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Item Description
From the depths of Gnomeville comes the story of Lil' Jack, a curious lad who knew from a young age that he would explore about anything that caught his attention. Small in stature but inquisitive, Jack found that he could see more of the world around him from a higher vantage point... thus, never leaving it at home, he earned the name "Ladder Jack."

Whether you find him viewing from his perch above, or climbing up in a potted plant, by the window sill, scaling the retaining wall in your garden, scaling a tree stump or countless other places, one this for sure is the look of amusement on the people's faces when they see our adorable Ladder Jack! This curious climbing gnome can be displayed in endless setting.

Two things we really love about this item aside from just being ultra adorable, is that he has the Echo Valley BobbleHead Design! Hence, his head jiggles slightly in the wind or to the touch adding that extra flair of motion and lively garden fun. Also, it turns out that you can loosen the straps and move this mischievous climbing bobblehead gnome up and down that ladder for perfect positioning. Bottom rung, middle or top rung depending on his situation.

If you're just starting your gnome collection, or simply need a curious gnome gift, you will enjoy this fun loving climbing gnome!

Additional Info:

  • Ladder Jack Climbing Gnome
  • Gnome Size: 7.5" x 3.5" x 3"
  • Ladder Size: 13"H x 4"W
  • BobbleHead Design - gently moves in the wind!
  • Full-color garden gnome
  • Durable weather-resistant polystone
  • A fun & mischievous Garden Gnome Gift!
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