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Giant 61" Garden Flower Bird - Blue

Giant 61
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Item Description
Looking to make a huge impression with a gorgeous garden beauty? You will simply be blown away by our new Giant Blue Metal Garden Flower Bird!

Per your requests, we've taken one of our most finely sculpted giant metal birds and given it a splash of wonderful color! This garden decor gift will instantly transform any dull outdoor living space into a classy wonderland of high style and design!

Impressive metal flower curves compliment the large curling tail that glistens with blue glass beads. Strong legs and bold feet allow this decorative metal bird to grip into the ground, or stand fully balanced on any solid surface. With some flexibility in the head and tail, it even moves a tiny bit in the wind. Exquisite is the only way to fully describe the impact of this gorgeous giant Metal Garden Bird statue.

Standing tall with presence, this regal garden bird will look great outdoors, by entrance greetings, in large yards, around pools, font lawns and even as indoor statuary. Anywhere you place it, the beautiful metal curves and glistening glass beads of this Metal Filigree Bird make this bold design a stunning embodiment of classic garden art.

Get ready to elevate your beautiful garden with this decorative masterpiece; versatile enough to enhance a whimsical atmosphere and exquisite enough to stand alone as a semi-serious garden sculpture.

If you are looking for a unique garden decor accent that stands out with distinction, or just need a huge reason to smile, bring home our new favorite garden decor bird, the 61" Giant Garden Flower Bird, we're sure you will love it! Get two or add a complimenting Giant Green Flower Bird for an absolutely stunning pair of birds!

No tools required, simple assembly, and ready to proudly display in under 3 minutes.

Additional Info:

  • 61" Giant Metal Flower Garden Bird.
  • Gorgeous Blue Finish with Decorative Blue Glass Beads.
  • Enormous fun for entrance greetings, large yards, around pools, and even indoors.
  • Sculpted Metal Scrolls with curling tail and head.
  • Stands on grass and on flat surfaces.
  • Durable and Elegant High-Quality Design.
  • An extremely impressive garden accent.
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