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11" Large WindyWings Garden Stakes (Assorted Set of 6)

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Item Description
If you're looking for our largest WindyWings ever, you have found them! Our fabulous 11" WindyWings Garden Stakes bring huge fun into your garden!

From the same Exhart family as our Large WindyWings Butterfly Stakes this new Assorted SongBirds & Hummingbirds offers the same Windy Wings beauty in that Large Magnificent Size!

Each 11" WindyWing Garden Stake is made from an ABS plastic UV treated, and finished with a lacquer coat for added durability and shine. Each detachable garden stake is made of a flexible 25.5" Green Nylon Rod.

These WindyWing Songbirds/Hummingbirds by Exhart are truly a joy. The patented "springed" wings design allows the wings to actually dance and flutter in a wind!

Transform any blossoming plant or garden bush into a youthful flower garden with these playful garden decorations hovering all around. The color will pick up sparkles in the sun, and smiles for all your garden

Each Set of 6 comes assorted with 3 Songbirds and 3 Hummingbirds. The Songbirds will always include at least 1 Cardinal Bird (up to 2 when available) as those seem to be the most popular.

Save 15% instantly using coupon WINDY15 when you purchase 2 or more sets of these Large 11" Windywings Garden Stakes!

Additional Info:

  • 11" WindyWings Garden Stakes
  • Size: 11" Songbirds/Hummingbirds, 26" tall
  • ABS plastic, Nylon Rods
  • Patented "springed" wings design
  • Hand painted with UV treated paint
  • Lacquer coated for protection and shine
  • A youthful delight to any Butterfly Garden!
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