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18" Sitting Buddha - Antique Red

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Item Description
Follow yourself inwards and discover a sense of deep inner security with the guidance of our peaceful 18" Sitting Buddha Statue.

This calming portrayal of Buddha in a meditative lotus state, with his ancient look and intricate detail, promises to bring instant tranquility to any home environment.

Whether you're creating a Buddha garden, decorating a meditation room, or completing a yoga space, this statue will deliver peace, unity and understanding all on its own.

This Buddha statue makes for a great gift too for anyone that needs a focal point to help them reach calmness, self-examination, attention and focus... or anyone that just loves a zen garden!

Made of Magnesium for high durability indoors or outdoors. Beautiful Antique Red finish.

Size: 14"L x 12"W x 18"H

Additional Info:

The hand positioning of this particular Buddha statue is one of the most popular images of the Buddha, especially when it comes to home decor. It is called Abhaya Mudra and translates in Sanskrit as fearlessness.

It is made with the open palm of the right hand extending outwards at chest level or slightly higher. This hand gesture, or mudra, is said to give off the the feel of protection, peace and a sense of strong, deep inner security.

A very powerful feng shui decor addition, the ideal place for this statue would be at the main entrance of your home, living room or entrance to your zen garden.

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