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Lovely Tweety Bird Feeder/Planter

Lovely Tweety Bird Feeder/Planter - Click to enlarge
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Item Description

Yes, we admit it. We've always loved looney tune tweety bird stuff! And when we found this decorative bird feeder tweety bird item, there was no way we weren't going to add it to our site! This wonderful and whimsical backyard feeder/planter is fun and functional. Fun because it's neat how the wings actually move in the wind and how birds eat out of it, and functional because it effectively draws out your inner child from within every time you look at it!

This hanging bird feeder is a classic bird feeder gift, and certainly a collectible tweety bird item! If you know someone that adores baby tweety love, this bright yellow garden bird feeder will be cherished like none other.

This decorative backyard tweety bird feeder is unlike any other bird feeder on the market. It has a concave body tray that is easily removed for filling and cleaning. This large bird feeder will hold a lot of birdseed in the tray that measures 6" x 4" x 3" in size, it can even be used instead as a beautiful little planter. Made of high quality ABS plastic, each tweety bird design is hand-painted and lacquer coated for durability and shine, and uses a patented springed wings design that allows the wings to flap up and down in the gentle wind!

Hang this tweety bird accessory from any stationary object, tree, pole, or patio using the metal chain that has been coated to avoid rusting. Real birds absolutely love eating from these feeders! You can also use it on your patio or balcony as a lovely decorative planter. This looney tune tweety cartoon hero will keep your birds happy, look out for your plants and your sylvester puddy cats!

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Additional Info:

  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Hand-painted in bright shiny yellow
  • Durable, high-gloss lacquer coating
  • Patented springed wings that actually flap up and down in the wind
  • Concave body tray is easily removed for filling and cleaning
  • Holds birdseed or can be used as a planter
  • Tray and bird both contain water drain holes
  • Hang from any stationary object, tree, pole, or patio
  • Large 8-inch head
  • Comes ready to hang in your garden
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