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Tweety Bird in a Cage Bird Feeder

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Item Description
I tawt I taw a Puddy Cat! I did! I did!

This is the cutest swinging Tweety Birdcage Feeder we have ever seen! Precious baby tweety bird sits perched inside the metal cage, swinging back and forth in the gentle wind. Baby Tweety also has a springed neck to give a little extra lively motion! Are you ready to animate your whimsical garden with a great tweety bird accessory? This fun and functional tweety bird item will top your looney tunes collection!

Just hang this decorative round bird cage outside on a tree branch, patio, or garden hook, fill it with birdseed, and watch the neighborhood birds all eat while tweety bird swings merrily back and forth. Protected from the Puddy Cat, it's where every birdy wants to eat!

If you like to keep your looney tunes tweety bird items nearby at all time, showcase this hanging bird cage indoors as a unique and whimsical decoration! This hanging bird feeder is a classic bird feeder gift, and certainly a collectible tweety bird item! If you know someone that adores baby tweety, this lovely tweety bird in a cage garden bird feeder will have them doing looney back flips!

This large bird cage feeder will hold a lot of birdseed too! It comes with a deep removable plastic tray that measures 10.5 inches in diameter. When the tray is empty, you can easily pull it out, clean it, place it back, and add more seed for instant garden fun!

This looney tunes tweety bird cartoon hero will keep birds happy and safe from the lurking puddy cats! Real birds absolutely love eating from this feeder! For the complete collection, make sure to also check out our Lovely Tweety Bird Feeder/Planter item.

Additional Info:

  • Super cute and functional Tweety Bird item
  • 14" tall cage, 12" diameter base, 10.5" tray
  • Tweety swings back and forth while head bobs
  • Easy removable tray for filling and cleaning
  • Strong metal hook for hanging
  • Plastic top and bottom with metal cage
  • Hangs from any stationary object, tree, pole, or patio
  • 3 minute snap assembly - comes with illustrated instructions

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