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Geeky Love Birds

Meet the perfect unusual and funny Valentine’s Day gift alternative to flowers and chocolates -- GeekyBeek Pucker-Ups and BabyBeeks. As whimsical and adorable in the garden as they are in the home, on a windowsill, or on the terrace. Great for book shelves, balconies and creative cubicle landscaping.

Geeky love birds are unique, creative, hand-painted Valentine’s gifts for your most romantic lover, or the geek girl or boy you adore, and equally cool for co-workers, kids, teachers, family and friends. There’s a whole flock to choose from!

Geeky Beek Pucker Ups. No water, no calories, no cavities!
Unique, brand new for Valentine’s Day 2008. GeekyBeek Pucker Ups are the most thoughtful, romantic, funny, geeky, original Valentine’s Day gift ever. Each Geeky Beek and Baby Beek in the flock has a cast-resin head with its own unique face - hand-sculpted by artist Tim Twinkler.

We’re so sure GeekyBeek love birds will bring whimsical fun, lively conversation and laughter to your Valentine that we’ve created six very special Valentine’s Day gift packages for you to send. Geeky Beeks are non-allergenic, no water needed, no calories, no “Do I look fat?” conversations, no cavities & no wilting. No cold shoulder for buying the wrong size lingerie!

If you're planning for your love to last a few days, flowers might be the right choice for you. If your love is true and you plan to stick around, GeekyBeek Pucker-Ups are forever! Geeky love birds are funny, creative, hand-painted Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife, lover, the geek girl or boy you , co-workers, kids, teachers, family and friends. Six special Valentine's Day gift packages to choose from!

GeekyBeeks are great for the office and cubicle landscaping too
Whether the one you love has a garden, a terrace, a balcony, or a flower pot, Love Bird Geeky Beeks and adorable Baby Beeks are a great alternative gift to soon-dead flowers and fattening chocolates. You'll be the office Love God (or goddess) when you send GeekyBeeks to your beloved's workplace. Great at a reception desk, by the water cooler, or terrific as a Valentine's cubicle decoration. (If you insist on sending flowers, add some NerdyNecks – adorable with flowers, and they last forever.)

Geeky Lovebirds come with your personal message (or not)
For Valentine’s Day, we’ll ship each Geeky Beek love bird or Baby Beek with your special message, and a lot of love. On the order form there is a special box where you can write a personalized Valentine's message if you wish. Your special message will be printed on the packing slip that arrives with your gift, but NO PRICING is included.

You can sign your special message with either your Name/(romantic nickname) OR "A Secret Admirer". Note: If you write "A Secret Admirer" at the end of your Valentine's Message, your recipient will not know who sent this package to them unless you tell them later on that day or whenever you choose.

If they call us, and we see your message is signed "A Secret Admirer" they will be told we do not share buyer information.

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