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Middle Finger Gnome

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Item Description
With all the garden fountains sloshing and wind chimes sounding, it can get quite loud in the garden, sometimes making it difficult to express discontent. When a Go Away sign just won’t do – here comes our Middle Finger Gnome!

Most gnomes are either caring for birds, feeding the birds, and this one... you guessed it, this is a gnome flipping the bird.

A long requested garden ornament, our middle finger gnome makes the perfect gag gift when you just can’t find the perfect words to say I love you too.

Size: 8.75" Tall, Cast Resin

Warning: Although this gnome flipping the bird has been made with whimsical intent and good fun, please realize that not all people share the same sense of humor, and could find this gnome offensive. Please use discretion when sending him as a gift.
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