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Scare Eyes Bird Chaser (Set of 3)

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Experiencing annoying bird pest control problems? Scare Eyes Bird Chasers are a low-cost solution that will scare away most nuisance birds.

The high contrasting bright colors and unusual design exaggerates the glaring eyes and gaping mouths of predator birds. Bobbing and waving in the wind, with reflective mylar streamers creates a triple pronged combo solution to effectively hinder a potentially and very destructive nuisance and bird infestation.

Includes three balloons - one Yellow, one Black, one White. Each 16" diameter, weatherproof vinyl balloon includes silver mylar eyes, red mylar reflective tails, and includes hanging string.

Recommended as a low-budget solution for open outdoor and useful in many applications such as homes, gardens, barns, trees, garages, marinas, doorways and more! One Scare Eye per tree is normally sufficient, in most cases six per acre is a minimum.

Research shows maximum effectiveness is obtained by rotating colors. No color should be used for more than 3 weeks or it will lose its effectiveness. Not suggested for use indoors where there is no air currents available to move the balloons. Comes complete with instructions and best practices for hanging and effectiveness.

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