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3D Coyote Predator

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Item Description
This menacing 3D Coyote predator replica strikes instinctual fear into the hearts of geese, birds, and other small animals. Safe and humane, no dangerous chemicals, no costly maintenance.

The 3D structured design of this visual bird scare device makes this coyote decoy visible from every angle, making it more effective than a traditional coyote silhouette cardboard cutout. It can also be effective at much longer ranges than most sound machines, since bird vision is generally strong and can spot predators at great distances.

Get rid of aggressive, destructive, disease-carrying Canadian Geese and other birds and rodents with this lifelike, full-size 3-D Coyote Predator bu Bird-X. This realistic, stalking threat creates a "danger zone" where geese won't want to linger!

The 3D Coyote Decoy has been developed by BIRD-X, the worldwide leader in bird repellent products and systems.
What will it Repel?

- Geese
- Waterfowl
- Ducks
- Fish Eating Birds
- Skunks
- Rabbits
- Rodents
- Cormorants
- Small Animals
- Trick-or-Treaters!
Where Can It Be Used?

Parks, Yards, Gardens
Golf Courses
Ponds & Pools
Small Lakes
Farms & Barns
Warehouses, Docks, Harbors
Car & Parking Lots
Airfields, Estates
Sheds & Storage

3D Coyote by Bird-X

SAFE & HUMANE: - A clean and silent solution to bird problems, that allows you to avoid dangerous chemicals and toxins.

ECONOMICAL: Avoid costly ongoing rental or maintenance programs.

VERSATILE: Use on golf courses, city parks, private gardens, corporate, school or hospital campuses, homes, etc. Sets up instantly, and folds for storage at season's end.

REALISTIC: Our full-sized threatening Coyote decoy is a natural predator with a furry tail that changes position in the slightest breeze. The 360-degree coverage is visible from any angle.

REDUCE DAMAGES & REPAIRS: Saves yards, parks, pool/ponds, outdoor areas from bird damage. Stop corrosive droppings from destroying capital investments.

REDUCE HEALTH RISKS: Help end bird infestations to reduce health and liability risks. Prevent Health Department citations and fines. Eradicate potential disease sources (Avian Flu, West Nile, etc.).

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: This non-toxic, chemical free universal goose repelling solution uses no dangerous or unnatural chemicals. This natural solution uses birds' instincts without harming them or the environment.

*It is strongly recommended to use multiples. Decoys can be moved periodically to achieve best results. Full instructions included.

Additional Info:

  • 3D Coyote Decoy Bird Scare Device
  • Dimensions: 37" head to tail, 8"W x 16"H.
  • Made of Heavy Duty EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), Polypropylene stake.
  • Coverage: 1 acre of open area (visible line-of-sight).
  • Repels geese, ducks, fish-eating birds and small animals.
  • Installs Easy: Place it anywhere that you can bury a stake.
  • Sets up easily, folds for storage at end of season.
  • Lifelike natural predator with furry tail that moves in the wind.
  • Comes complete with instructions.
  • Safe, Humane, and Silent!
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