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Balcony Guard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

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Item Description
The Bird-X Balcony Guard Silent Bird Repeller is an ultrasonic bird repeller that keeps pigeons and other birds away from balconies, decks, patios, terraces and other small outdoor places where birds create a filthy mess.

This humane, effective, maintenance-free ultrasonic bird repeller keeps birds away from your property without ugly spikes, harmful traps, or messy and expensive chemical solutions.

Repel birds and eliminate their filthy droppings with this powerful and silent balcony guard control device by Bird-X. Using inaudible (to us) frequencies, the Balcony Gard will sends out blaring ultrasonic waves that will chase away and repel nuisance birds without any permanent harm.

Designed for residential & small area use, this low-profile electronic bird repeller uses quiet ultrasonic sounds to evict annoying and nuisance birds. The Balcony Guard is a cost-effective, easy solution to your pesty bird problems.

One of our favorite aspects of this particular electronic bird repellent is that unlike many others, you have the choice to use AC power or batteries! Finally, this new choice of added mobility in placement is great.

The Balcony Guard electronic bird repellent device also has a built-in infrared motion sensor to activate your bird deterrent only when birds move into the repellent's coverage zone, working efficiently, and maximizing your battery power!

This extremely durable and weatherproof design has been thoroughly tested to protect up to 900 square feet. Discreet and unobtrusive, it mounts easily with keyhole slots onto any building, wall or wooden posts with nails or screws, and most importantly is absolutely harmless to kids (When used as directed, safe for pets too).

If you're experiencing a bird control problem, and you want to get rid of the birds with harming or killing them, this electronic bird repellent device is the perfect solution and easiest way to do it.

Additional Info:

  • Balcony Guard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller
  • Coverage: 900 square feet
  • Planet Friendly - Safe for environment, children & even the birds!
  • Continuous or motion-sensor operation settings.
  • Easy to install - mounts anywhere with keyhole slots.
  • EPA Compliant. Working current: <200mA
  • Frequency Range: 15,000 - 25,000 Hz (adjustable)
  • Motion Sensor Range: 35 feet x 70 feet
  • Sound Pressure: 90 dB @ 1 meter
  • Durable and weatherproof for all types of outdoor conditions.
  • Full instructions are included with unit.
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