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Bird Stop Aversion Liquid

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Item Description
When the Goosebuster-Pro alone might not be strong enough on the most challenging efforts on bird and Geese Aversion, combine your efforts with Bird Stop, a liquid that creates an invisible barrier that irritates birds' trigeminal systems (similar to our sense of smell), for a harmless but potent effect.

Directly apply to surfaces by painting or spraying liquid to repel bird for feeding, loitering, and landing. This Food-Grade Bird Aversion Liquid offers a completely invisible layer of protection that reduces bird damage with an inexpensive proven solution!

Often, a single application can bring permanent success to an area, and after 2 to 3 applications, even most stubborn birds learn not to return. Net Weight: 1 Gallon Concentrate (3.78L)

Additional Info:

  • Guaranteed to be manufactured to specifications & free from defect
  • Active ingredient is methylanthranilate (bitter derivative of concord grapes)
  • Has a taste & smell that birds avoid – irritates their trigeminal systems
  • Can be painted/sprayed onto surfaces such as grass, turf, crops, & structures
  • Birds leave the treated area for a better food source
  • Safe on berries, cherries, sunflowers, grapes, peaches, apples, pears, etc.
  • Lawns & turf, ornamental plants, non-fish bearing fountains & pools
  • Sidewalks, pavement, rooftops, & more

    View Bird Stop Product Instructions.
    View Bird Stop Safety Data Sheet.

    Manufacturer recommends: 1 Gal needed per 1 Acre for 30 days of use.

    Use Coupon Code: BirdStop and Save 10% when you purchase 2+ Gallons.

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