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Terror Eyes Bird Repellent

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Item Description
Experiencing an overwhelming problem with bird control? Try the hugely successful Terror Eyes inflatable predator to frighten those birds away!

This huge menacing 24" inflatable bird predator decoy uses large 3-D Moving holographic eyes to frighten birds away. Special lenticular eyes produce a holographic effect that makes the eyes constantly changing as if they are "following" them for attack.

The bright colors and contrasting features exaggerate the glaring stare and gaping mouth and claws that will strike fear in birds. Installing easily with little to no maintenance, this simple, cost-effective bird detterent moves in the wind increasing efficiency.

Terror Eyes is an extremely realistic & frightening predator - an award winner in Japan as the foremost method of repelling birds from crops. Used by NASA to clear birds for various safety issues. Recognized as a dominant pillar in the synergistic fight against bird infestation since 1996!

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What will it Repel?

- pigeons
- sparrows
- starlings
- gulls
- swallows
- woodpeckers
- crows
- blackbirds
- grackles
- ducks & geese
- and more...
Recommended Use:

Warehouses & Facilities
Transportation Zones
Construction Infrastructure
Loading Docks & Hangers
Harbors, Marinas, Docks
Parking Garages & Lots
Building Rooftops
Farm Fields, Barns, Stables
Orchards, Vineyards
Homes, Gardens
Porches, Patios

Reduce recurring cleanup
Cut property repair costs
Protect buildings & equipment
Eliminate corrosive bird droppings
Reduce health and liability risks
Remove pest bird infestation
Prevent the spread of diseases
Eliminate fire hazards from nests
Increase property aesthetics
Decrease nuisance for residents, workers, customers, etc.

Additional Info:
  • Terror Eyes Bird Repellent - Bird Predator Decor.
  • Large 24" Diameter with Holographic Eyes.
  • Weatherproof, Vinyl, Inflatable balloon.
  • Coverage: Up to an acre of open visible space.
  • Planet Friendly - Safe for environment, children & even the birds!
  • Includes 3" hanging spring w/rope.
  • Comes w/ instructions for best use.
  • Easy to install, no maintenance.

  • Get Ready to Strike Terror into those birds!

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