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Solar Merlin Sitting Yard Gnome

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Item Description
Add charm, wizardry and a sense of wonder to your garden with Merlin the Solar Gnome Sitter from GardenFun!

Merlin is a 13-inch-tall gnome made of weather-resistant, cast-stone resin that will enhance your driveway or yard with a unique sense of magic.

According to legend, gnomes reside in hilly meadows or rocky woodlands. Sometimes they live in trees or under the ground guarding treasures of the earth, but lore has it that they can be as much as seven times stronger than the average human, able to run upwards of 35 mph and possessing hawk-like vision.

You don't need to know the folk origin of the gnome to realize that Merlin the Solar Gnome Sitter can make your garden seem like a more picturesque and magical place. While gnomes guard the earth's treasures, you'll quickly come to treasure Merlin the Solar Gnome and his ability to light up the night!

Weather-Resistant Cast Stone Resin: 13" Tall
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