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Rumple the Sitting Solar Gnome

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Item Description
Bring the magical folklore of the gnome into your backyard with Rumple the Solar Gnome Sitter from GardenFun!

Rumple the Sitting Solar Gnome has been painted to look like your garden variety, praying gnome in daylight, but at night his translucent property enables Rumple to light up the night and add a magical sparkle to your garden.

The legend of gnomes includes the belief that gnomes have the ability to bring wealth or good luck to some, and that they have a unique ability to make one happy or sad.

GardenFun thinks that Rumple will make you happy with his cheerful countenance and colorful outfit — he’s adorned in a bright yellow top and a tall red wizard’s cap.

Rumple the Solar Gnome measures 13 inches in height and is made of weather-resistant, cast-stone resin. Rumple is one quarter of the garden gnome collection available from GardenFun. You can also find Merlin, Mordecai and Zelda for your garden.

Weather-Resistant Cast Stone Resin: 13" Tall
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