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Mordecai the Praying Solar Gnome

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Item Description
Mordecai the Praying Solar Gnome is one of the latest additions to the burgeoning catalog of whimsical garden decorations from GardenFun!

Mordecai is painted to appear like a standard praying, sitting gnome by daylight, but when nightfall comes and the sun descends, his translucence creates an entirely different glow for you and your neighbors to enjoy.

According to folklore, gnomes live in hilly meadows or rocky woodlands. They are reputed to live in trees or under the ground, where they guard the treasures of the earth.

Even if you're not enchanted by the folk origin of the gnome, you'll still be enchanted by Mordecai the Praying Solar Gnome. You'll come to treasure Mordecai the Praying Solar Gnome and his ability to light up the night.

Weather-Resistant Cast Stone Resin: 13" Tall
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